Your House May Be High on the Buyer Wish List This Holiday Season

We know that it's super close to the holidays... but still think it's worthy & definitely not too late to discuss this topic!

Around this time of year, many homeowners decide to wait until after the holidays to sell. Similarly, some choose to remove their home listings unitl springtime. Let’s breakdown the top reasons why selling your house now, or keeping it on the market this season, is the best choice for you. 

Here are seven great reasons not to wait to sell your house this holiday season:

1. Buyers are active now. Mortgage rates are historically low, providing motivation for those who are ready to get more for their money over the life of their home loan.

2. Purchasers who look for homes during the holidays should be paid attention to, as they are most often very serious home buyers!

3. You can restrict the showings in your house to days and times that are most convenient for you, or even select virtual options, which keeps you in control.

4. Homes decorated for the holidays appeal to many buyers.

5. Today, there’s minimal competition for you as a seller. There just aren’t enough houses on the market to satisfy buyer demand, meaning sellers are more or less in charge. Over the past year, inventory has declined to record lows, making it perfect timing for selling your house.

6. The dream of moving or becoming a home owner doesn’t pause during the holidays. Buyers who have been searching throughout the fall and have been running into more and more bidding wars are still on the lookout. Your home may be a match!

7. This season is the sweet spot for sellers, and listings will rise after the holidays. Throughout much of the country, more new construction will also be available for sale in 2021, which will lessen the demand for your house as we get into next year.

Final Thought

Keeping an open mind with all of this... it may very well be the perfect time to list your house. Reach out to a local real estate professional to determine if selling now is your best move.

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