Your August Home To-Do List

With Labor Day just around the corner, you're probably thinking "end-of-summer epic party." But your pre-party prep should include taking a weekend to prep your home for the changing of the seasons.

If the summer heat has you dazed and confused when it comes to all things home maintenance, here are five tasks perfect for tackling this time of year:

1. Deep clean rugs and carpets. The warm weather will help them dry quicker.
2. Clean and organize your home’s “drop zone.” You'll be glad you did when that first day of school hits! 
3. Clean and store summer gear like sports equipment, (still) sandy beach chairs, and camping supplies.
4. Clean vehicle interiors. All that travel took a number on your car and you know you won't do it when cooler weather hits. Now’s the time to get ready for the school year runaround. 
5. Organize closets, and if you have little ones, have them try on school clothes. We're guessing summer growth spurts will take their toll!

Staying happily organized requires staying ahead of the calendar, especially when transitioning from (relatively) leisurely summer to more chaotic back to school.

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