Why Working From Home May Spark Your Next Move

If you’ve been working from home this year, chances are you’ve been at it a little longer than you initially planned on. Businesses all over the country have figured out how to operate remotely to keep their employees healthy, safe, and productive. It's possible that a vast number of those businesses will be carrying into next year, and potentially beyond.

While the pandemic is still here, Americans are re-evaluating their homes, floorplans, locations, needs, and more. Adequate space for some has become an issue, while others are finding they don't need as much. Whether you rent or own your home, if remote work is part of your future, the thought of moving may be very real... especially while today’s mortgage rates are incredibly low!

To put this into perspective, last year, 6 million homes were sold in the U.S.  Roughly 2 – 4X as many people are considering moving right now, and there’s a direct correlation to working from home conditions.

The same study also notes while 45.3% of people are planning to stay within a 2-hour drive from their current location, 41.5% of the people who are citing working from home as their primary reason for making a move are willing to look for a home more than 4 hours away from where they live now.

In some cases, moving a little more distance from your current location might mean that you can get more home for your money. If you have the opportunity to work remotely, you may have more options available by expanding your search. Upwork indicates, of those surveyed:

“People are seeking less expensive housing: Altogether, more than half (52.5%) are planning to move to a house that is significantly more affordable than their current home.”

Whether you can eliminate your daily commute to the office, you simply need better work space at home, or your financial situation has changed... it may very well be time to connect with a local real estate professional to assess your evolving needs.

Final Thought

This has been a year of change & adaptation, and what you need in a home is no exception. Reach out to the Real Advantage Partners with Re/Max Precision today, to ensure you have expert guidance on your side, working hard for you in search of a home that fits your remote work needs.

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