Why It's Important Now More Than Ever to Shop Local!

COVID-19: a crisis for small business

We hope you are safe and healthy through these challenging times. The international crisis, COVID-19, has impacted everyone in such a short period of time and we want you to know that our Real Advantage Partners team sends our most sincere thoughts and best wishes to our surrounding community. Throughout this tough year, on top of your own responsibilities, we ask that you try your best to remember Des Moines' small businesses!

Small business owners are just a small sector of society that have been impacted by COVID-19 related closures, but the impact the crisis has had on their passion and their business model has been a heavy burden. Although all business and economic stimulation is a positive thing, small businesses offer a crucial aid to local, state, and the national economies.

Some of the Facts:

Did you know that for every $100 you spend at a local business, an extra 25% of that money is kept within the community? That’s $68 to the local community versus $43 per every $100 spent! Shopping at local businesses, means you also support the local services, like accounting, marketing, and supplying that these business owners employ to help maintain their business; whereas corporate businesses employ large marketing firms, build their own international supply chains, and have their own incorporated financial advisers.

Local retailers have abilities to display a great variety of products... more so than found in bigger shops and big box stores. Creative minds and entrepreneurs are the ones who built the nation, so why not support those kinds of people who are neighbors inside your community?

As for creating jobs, small business is the ring master. In 2017, small businesses employed nearly 80 million Americans, with every $10 million spent at local businesses creating 57 jobs versus 14 jobs at large corporations. Because of the jobs that small businesses offer, neighborhoods with successful downtown and outlying districts can see an increase in home value by 50% which in turn draws tax revenue from new residents to use for community infrastructure like schools and public safety.

How You Can Help:

Shop local. In trying times like these when you may feel unable to help from your home, the answer simply is: you really can! Many of the Des Moines area businesses are tirelessly working to provide you with delivery services, online shopping options, and updates, classes, and tutorials on their social medias.

Purchasing gift cards is a great way to be supportive! Many local business members have options for purchasing gift cards, and are actively trying ways to make it easier for you.

You can see on our social media and our website information regarding how COVID-19 is impacting our community and how you can support local small business. We would like to acknowledge EVERY single small business in Des Moines & the surrounding areas, however that would take forever Wink So, here are just a few to note over the next few weeks of holiday shopping... Bing's in Historic Valley Junction (West Des Moines);  Zumi in the Ingersoll District (close to downtown);  The Cheese Shop in Shops at Roosevelt (between downtown & West Des Moines);  Tweedle Dee's in Uptown Ankeny (north of Des Moines);  Mainstream Boutique Shop in Waukee (West of Des Moines area);  Kitchen Collage in East Village (downtown Des Moines);  Winestyles in Johnston (northwest of Des Moines);  Indianola Glass Creations in Indianola (south of Des Moines);  Legit Local Market (all of Des Moines vendors)!

Wishing YOU a Safe & Happy Holiday Season                    ~ Real Advantage Partners, Re/Max Precision, Altoona, IA

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