Pre-Approved? Why Is It so Important the Homebuying Process!

You've probably heard that a pre-approval is a huge first step in the homebuying process. But why is it so important?

1. The good homes are gone fast!  Waiting for a pre-approval could make you miss it!  

2. If you make on offer without being preapproved - your offer may not be taken seriously!

3. There are different kinds of loans like FHA vs. Conventional.  You may qualify for only one type of loan-- but not all houses qualify for each kind of loan. 

4.  You don't want to look at houses priced over your pre-approval or you run the risk of falling in love with one you cannot afford!

5.  If you aren't approved today, it gives us time to improve your credit score, change debt to income ratios and more! 

When looking to buy a home, the appeal to fall in love with a house that’s outside your budget is very real. So, before you start browsing around, it’s helpful to know your price range, and what you’re willing to pay monthly for your mortgage.  Pre-approval from a lender is the only way to do this.  Ready to take this important first step- Reach out to REAL ADVANTAGE PARTNERS at 515-446-8856 and we can help!

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