What I wish I knew before buying my first home

The best way to learn about something you've never done before? Tap into the experience of others!

We're not just agents, you know - We are proud homeowners, too! So here’s us, taking off the agent hat, putting on the homeowner hat, and sharing with you what we wish we know BEFORE buying a house:

• always shop around for a mortgage
• boost your emergency fund first
• know how much property taxes are and how they’re trending
• always buy in a good school district
• drive by the house at different times of day to see what the neighborhood is really like
• understand the home-buying process, start to finish

We've learned a lot from our personal home-buying (and home-selling) experiences - not to mention what we've learned from going through literally hundreds of transactions. And these are not static lists -- they change as the "facts on the ground" change, like interest rates, school openings (or closings), business trends, housing inventory, etc. That's why you want to work with a professional team!

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