What Firefighters Say About Cold Weather

With cooler temperatures ahead in the Winter, the Des Moines Fire Department is asking residents to keep fire safety measures in mind and to plan ahead.

Speaking to WHO-TV, Des Moines Firefighter Ahman Douglass said this time of year is a busy and concerning time for firefighters.

According to Douglass, the Des Moines Fire Department responded to close to 33,000 calls during this calendar year, so he wants to emphasize the importance of safety while finding alternative methods to provide heat during the winter.

He advises people to avoid using space heaters overnight. However, he said that if residents do use them overnight, they should pay attention to the sounds that the appliance is making. There should also be three to four feet of clear space around each space heater.

Douglass also advised people to pay attention to the conditions of extension cords.

He also said that smoke alarms should be placed in all bedroom and hallways inside a residence. They should be replaced every 10 years after the manufacturer’s date and batteries should be replaced twice a year.

He advised that residents test their smoke alarms once a month to ensure proper function.

During this time of year, Douglass said that it’s important to also look out for others in the community.

He said, “Let’s please be vigilant and keep an eye on each other. This is an opportunity for us to pay attention to how our neighbors are feeling, how our friends are feeling, and look out after yourself as well. The fire department, we’re going to help you do the same.”

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