What Does Your Door Say About You?

Doors don’t talk — but they can say a lot. Your front door is the first thing visitors will see, and it may say more about you than you think! If reading that made you think you might need to update your door or even replace it, now is the time to consider your options!

Steel, fiberglass and wood are the most popular material choices for exterior front doors. There are several styles that combine these materials like a fiberglass door with a wood frame. Here is a brief overview to help guide you


If security is your priority, a steel door might be best for you. Usually the least expensive option, steel doors start around $150 for a paneled door. The downside is that a steel door system with sidelights and stellar hardware can rival that of a quality solid-wood door system. Steel doors come in a variety of finishes and typically come as part of a pre-hung door system. 


Solid-wood doors are the most expensive option but are a popular choice because of their versatility. Natural finish doors come in oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fire and pine as well as paint-grade doors usually made of pine or western hemlock. A standard-size, six-panel pine door will cost around $600; similarly sized hardwood doors are considerably more expensive. A complete wood door

system can cost close to $5,000 and only increase in price if additional items are added. If you love wood but not the price tag, consider a stock door with a wood-veneer skin. 


Fiberglass-composite doors are gaining popularity for their durability and low maintenance. Fiberglass is much less susceptible to dings and dents and have wood grain texturing and can be stained to match natural woods. These doors usually come as complete entry systems with the frame. Depending on the investment you want to make, they can start at $200 for a door with no glazing or hardware but can cost upward of $4000 for a fully loaded fiberglass entry system.


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