The Key Elements to a Successful Open House

41% of buyers attended an open house during their home search.

Translation? Open houses are alive and well, even in 2023. So if you’re toying around with selling this year, be open to an open house. 

6 Keys to a successful open house in 2023:

1. Take care of the clutter, depersonalize, and if possible, stage.
2. Move all the cars out of the driveway and find a place for pets.
3. Absolutely no candles or air fresheners (at least the day of).
4. Weekends work best (and good weather is a plus).
5. Personally spread the word to your social media networks.
6. Ask for feedback from attendees.

The goal is to make your home as bright, open and welcoming as possible. An open house is not a "home show" - in fact, it is pretty much the opposite. Your presence, your life and your personal "touch" need to fade into the background, if not completely disappear, so that potential buyers have plenty of room to see themselves and their decor in the space.

And, yes, neighbors and other looky-lu's are welcome, as is anyone who might spread the good word about your house. Remember, while buyers eventually sleep, marketing never does!

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