The Hardest Part of Selling your Home

Getting an offer in 2022? Not too hard.⁣ Dodging the common obstacles that could derail that offer? Somewhat more challenging. Sellers these days need to watch out for potential detours like:⁣⁣

  • Buyer financing falling through…on closing day.⁣
  • Appraisal discrepancies.⁣
  • Stalled home inspection negotiations.⁣
  • Title issues.⁣
  • Unmet contingencies.⁣
  • Last-minute buyer remorse.⁣

⁣Hurdle these hiccups with room to spare by disclosing problems with your home upfront and carefully assessing a buyer’s ability to afford your home financially. Your best bet is put a qualified agent on your team who can guide you through each step and potential stumbles before they become fatal face-plants. In the meantime, take these tips to heart:⁣⁣

  • Don’t let emotions cloud your decision-making when the offer(s) comes hits the table. Instead, take your time to evaluate the pros and cons of every offer.⁣
  • If the buyer is paying cash, insist on validation of sufficient funds. If your buyer is financing, request a pre-approval letter. Even better, secure the buyer’s permission to let your agent speak with the lender about the approval.⁣
  • Once you accept an offer, work with your agent to create a timeline detailing the important transaction dates. Share it with your buyers to ensure they agree. Have your agent regularly touch base to keep things on track and prevent closing-day surprises.⁣

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