Summer 2022 Design Trends

Summertime is a great opportunity to change up the style and feel of your home. Bring in some easy, breezy vibes with these latest summer design trends:⁣

  • The need for green. Nothing says summer like lush green trees and tropical blooming flowers. Let the sunshine stream in, and by all means, bring the green indoors with one or two tall house plants like the snake, rubber tree, or fiddle leaf.⁣
  • Boho is back. For this classically casual vibe, choose pieces made from wood or fibers like rattan. Add a few bright throw pillows and blankets to your sofa along with some floor pillows and poufs. The key to boho? Toss matching, embrace color, and go funky on your lighting.⁣
  • Terra time. The warm, casual simplicity of earth tones bring a natural look to any room. If you're feeling ambitious, consider terra cotta tiles, which are inexpensive and durable.
  • Bask in the blues. As much as boho is back, the blues never left! Nautical navy and royal blue are where it’s at. Pick up new throw pillows or lay a bold, blue rug under your wooden furniture.⁣ 
  • Juice it up. Optionally, try a juicy color palette derived from sunrise/sunset shades. Reminiscent of the beginning and end of a sweet summer day, these colors are vibrant and provide an instant mood boost.
  • Major in metallics. Embrace warm metallics like brass, copper, bronze, and gold. Mix and match 'em anywhere you want — lampshades, picture frames, candle holders, planters, or decorative bowls.⁣

Use these summer 2022 design tips to make your home feel effortless, airy, and inviting as a cool beverage on a hot summer day.

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