PSA: Not all Agents are the Same

All real estate agents should know the buying and selling process, grasp the market, and own a track record of success. But those qualifications are hardly enough. When you're ready for a move, you deserve more. ⁣

You deserve an agent who:⁣⁣

  • Educates: Your agent should make you a smarter seller/buyer. In addition to answering all your questions, your agent needs to makes the process transparent, understandable, enjoyable, and as low-stress as possible.⁣
  • Feels you: Beyond the facts of the process, a good agent understands the intangible, emotional side of making such a major life transition.⁣
  • Keeps you comfortable: By exuding kindness, confidence, and know-how, your agent should make you feel "solid" anytime the process raises doubts. ⁣
  • Provides a positive perspective: Selling or buying a home should be exciting and even fun. Your agent should be there to cheers you on and celebrate your success! ⁣

⁣The truth is not all agents are the same. When you buy or sell, look for an agent who offers “more." ⁣

We're curious: What are your top three priorities in an agent? 

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