Our Top Tips for Marketing a Home

Ready for our top 5 tips for successfully marketing a home?

1. Professional, well-staged listing photos with plenty of lighting.
2. A thoroughly researched, data-backed listing price that entices buyers and reflects today’s conditions.
3. An error-free listing description that covers all the features and hits the high points but isn’t over the top or misleading.
4. Advertising on social media channels, tried-and-true signs and postcards, and on the MLS (which feeds popular real estate sites).
5. Agent-to-agent marketing.

Keep in mind this list is just the tip of the iceberg for us -- our selling process includes a 36-point marketing plan administered by our professional team. Which do you think is the most important when selling? Reach out and let's talk! (For us, it’s all about the staging and listing photos!)

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