Our Open House Checklist

Confession time: Who has been to an open house, just for fun, even if they weren't looking to buy a home?

Hosting an open house is a great way to get more potential buyers through the door. Even the "nosey neighbors" taking a tour can help to spread the word about your home. ⁣

Here's a quick checklist we like to use before hosting an open house for our clients:⁣

✓ Lock up or remove valuables⁣

✓ Deep clean and declutter as much as possible⁣

✓ Minimize personal items and family photos⁣

✓ Less is more: Help your buyers picture this as their home⁣

✓ Put out snacks and drinks for the guests⁣

✓ Put out marketing material like flyers and disclosures⁣

✓ Open the windows to bring natural light in⁣

✓ Do a final walk through and see the home through a buyer's perspective⁣

Remember, it's all out about making a great first impression in a very limited time. Reach out if you have any questions!

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