June Home Maintenance

Did you know that June is National Homeowners Month? To celebrate our homeowners, this month we will be sharing Homeowner Hacks to help you make the most of the place you call home. ⁣

We’re kicking the festivities off this week with a June home maintenance checklist.⁣

1. Clean out gutters and downspouts.⁣
2. Power wash driveway and sidewalks.⁣
3. Clean and repair outdoor play equipment.⁣
4. Check the A/C and schedule maintenance if needed.⁣
5. Prep the grill for summer barbecuing.⁣
6. Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct.⁣
7. Wash, fold, and organize pool and beach towels.⁣
8. Organize and store school supplies and papers.⁣
9. Replace air filters.⁣
10. Dust ceiling fan blades and set to spin counterclockwise. ⁣

Early June is the perfect time to tackle outdoor projects. Let the the sun give you new energy and get the jump on these tasks before it gets too hot or they start interfering with the summer "work" you really want to do!

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