If I Can Sell My Home Alone, Why Hire an Agent?

Today, we are taking the bull by the horns, biting the bullet, taking the plunge, meeting head-on—however, you want to say it—one of the industry’s loudest objections: Why hire an agent if I can sell my home on my own?⁣

Why so gutsy, you ask? Because we truly believe to our core that anyone who has sacrificed and worked hard to purchase and own a home deserves top dollar when they sell. ⁣And we are convinced that the absolute best way to do that is with the professional guidance of an experienced real estate agent—NOT on your own. ⁣

Here’s the truth: You absolutely can sell solo. But statistics show you’ll end up leaving cash on the table. Cash with your name on it! ⁣

Just consider:⁣

  • FSBO homes sell for about 26% less on average than properties listed with an agent.⁣
  • Only 6% of FSBO listings make it on the MLS.⁣
  • Only 11% of sellers succeed at selling FSBO.⁣

The one time when it makes sense to forego an agent and head straight to a real estate lawyer is when you sell to a friend, family member, or neighbor. ⁣

That said, if you want every penny you can get out of your home, you need an agent. Not to mention you’ll also receive an advocate, expert, and friend whose goal is looking out for your best interest as you complete one of the most significant transactions of your life!⁣

Save this post for later, or reach out if you have more questions about selling your home. We are here when you're ready to chat.

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