How to write an offer

In order to write an offer, we will need the following information: 

Exclusive price check and a written offer. When you find "the one"... we will research the house similar to an appraiser and show you what the house is worth by comparing it to recently sold houses. It is necessary for us to write the offer as soon as possible because another offer could come in, putting you in direct competition. 

Pre-Qualification letter or Proof of funds.

Offer price: we will help you determine the property's fair market value

Earnest Money: usually 1-2% of purchase price

Financing amount: what percentage of the loan are you financing, and how much are you putting down 

Closing date: If getting a mortgage, this is typically 45-60 days from acceptance of offer. This will be the day the keys are handed from seller to buyer

Inspection period: typically the buyer shall have up to 10 days unless otherwise stated on the contract, to perform inspections on the home and terminate or renegotiate the contract if inspection comes back unacceptable. 

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