How to Decide What to Keep, Sell, or Donate

If there’s one thing that we could tell everyone about the process of moving, it’s this: Don’t take everything with you!! Look at moving as an opportunity to unload, declutter and simplify your life (not to mention lighten the move itself). 

Seriously, long before you tape up the first box, decide what’s worth keeping, selling, or donating by asking yourself these questions: 

1. Do you want all new furnishings? Or have you spent time curating your style and know that what you have will fit just so in your next home? 
2. Do you love what you have? Or are your end tables just okay, accent chairs totally “meh,” and throw pillows lumpy and misshapen? Then we're here to tell you, now is the time to toss ‘em,  sell ‘em, or donate ‘em! 
3. Are you packing and moving things with you because you don't want the money you spent on them to go to waste (PS - From an economic standpoint, this is called the “sunk cost fallacy.” Go on, look it up!)? No more, friend! Cut your ties, throw those items for sale online, and use the money to purchase things that really fit your new space. 
4. Do you really need four humidifiers, two toasters, or that child-sized kayak? (Spoiler: You don’t!). Take a deep breath, be willing to let go, and don't hesitate to donate anything you haven’t used in the past calendar year.  
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