How much will I make if I sell my home?

Oh, we love to be asked this question—especially in this sizzling market! So sellers, grab a pen and paper, your smartphone, or just your noggin, and let’s crunch some numbers.⁣

Take your selling price and subtract:⁣

1. Mortgage payoff amount (Heads up! This isn’t the same as your last statement balance.)⁣
2. Real estate commissions (Typically 6%; 3% for buyers agent and 3% for your agent.)⁣
3. Costs to stage and prep your home (Budget 1% of selling price.)⁣
4. Seller concessions (Costs you agree to pay to help close a deal; usually 1.5-2% of selling price.)⁣
5. Moving expenses (Plan for 1% of selling price.)⁣

All said and done, seller expenses average 10% of the selling price. If that sounds high, don’t fret! In this market, home prices are up close to 10% — and that's after a 19% jump in 2021!

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