Home Design Trends for 2021

It is hard to believe that 2020 is behind us. 2021 is here, and it's time to start thinking about how you want to update your space, whether you plan to sell or stay! If you’re wondering how the design trends are looking for the new year, here are a few starting thoughts for you... 

Less Is More 

After Marie Kondo took over last year, there is no surprise that the idea of ‘less is more’ is trending in the decor space. Take the time to check each space in your home and ensure your decor is intentional. Make sure all of your belongings have a place and that they all serve a purpose. 

Global Influence, such as Scandinavian and Japanese style 

Both cultures celebrate minimalism while also encouraging functionality. With white shades dominating spaces in this style, you will also find natural woods and materials in large spaces that are open and bright. 

Rustic Vogue 

This is a sophisticated take on CottageCore & is a hit with designers. It appeals to the person wanting that modern cozy home feeling, but adds some unique character to it. Reclaimed wood is the core material that holds this look together... as opposed to the "perfect" finish.


One of the most marked trends in interior design is focused on the personalization of your space. Take into account what you already love when creating spaces in your home without worrying too much about what others consider stylish or up-to-date. Let your creativity shine through your space. 

A Touch of Color

Neutrals are great in most settings, but a pop of color allows you to add personality to your space. Yellow shades add warmth while blue shades give a sharpness used to enhance certain elements of a room. If you want to introduce a little color, colors inspired by nature can be very popular. Simple combinations like Yellow & Gray are "in". Side note: Urban Bronze was chosen as interior color of the year.

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