Festive & Fun Family Activities

Festive & Fun Family Activities 

Holidays mean different things to different people, but one thing that is the same for most is the opportunity to make memories with family and friends. 

Indoor activities 

No matter what the weather is like during the holidays, indoor fun can be the best kind of fun! 

  1. Movie night- Make some snacks, grab a seat by each other and have a family movie night. Watch a few old classics or check out a movie you have never seen before. 

  2. Bond with board games- Board games are a great way to have some family-friendly competition over the holidays. You can find inexpensive board games, a deck of cards or dice at your local thrift or dollar stores. 

  3. Baking-  Baking something warm and yummy together as a family. It is a perfect time to pull out those old family recipes! 

  4. Get crafty- Cutting paper snowflakes and hanging them around your home is not just easy, but it can brighten any day. Sock snow people are also easy to make, all you need is old socks, buttons, and scraps of material to create the snowmen. Youtube has a ton of tutorials.

5. Make a fort- Bring back childhood memories and create new ones by building a blanket fort. Play games and read stories in your fort.  

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