Expert Home Organization Hacks That Will Actually Clear Clutter

From vertical storage to a DIY-able peg board, you’re sure to find a place for everything.

A well-organized home not only looks great, it can also increase your efficiency and even put your mind at ease. Whether you weren’t blessed with a pantry and plenty of closet space or you just love a DIY-able challenge, consider exploring a few creative clutter-clearing organization hacks. There are hacks for spaces of varying shapes and sizes: the most-visited rooms, popular nooks and crannies, and places that become the catch-all for, well... everything. You can declutter your entire home, or pick a few organizing methods to take control one step at a time. As a result, you might even free up some extra space ... which is NOT a great excuse to fill it with more stuff. Wink 

I encourage you to try these solutions for a spotless space in no time! 

Get creative with any free space

The first step to organizational bliss is designating a space for everything. Got an empty garage or a cavernous crawlspace? Or what about the prime location right under your bed? Start by packaging up any belongings you can stand to store and take advantage of all that prime real estate. Shoe organizers can slide right under your bed or, if you’re handy, hang shelves along the perimeter of your room. Don’t rule out vertical storage either, and instead utilize that empty space on top of your kitchen cabinets or install a series of floating shelves above the toilet. Depending on size, you could even bring some scaffolding into the garage to stack boxes and bins to the ceiling.

Don’t shy away from seemingly awkward spaces, either! Shop around for furniture specifically designed for bare corners, or slide a bench or console table into hallways and nooks. A little creativity and enthusiasm at this stage can go a long way in clearing up clutter and adding instant storage space. 

Invest in storage-friendly furniture

If organization is your top priority, you’ll want all your furniture pieces working to your benefit. Multi-use furniture has come a long way in recent years, and there are now plenty of efficient, and most importantly attractive options for DIY and hack-loving homeowners of all kinds. You can purchase or easily build a bookshelf-turned-headboard, hollow ottoman, or even a bedframe with drawers. Either way, choosing something both practical and eye-appealing will make tidying up 'no sweat'.

Don’t skimp the add-ons

While space-saving furniture will help solve space for some of your larger items, there are plenty of gadgets on the market to gather & land the small stuff. Opt for a kitchen or bathroom type tray with dividers, a plastic bag organizer, over-the-door shoe rack, or DIY-able peg board to create a designated space for anything and everything. The small stuff can truly make or break your journey to smart storage!

An efficient and welcoming home is a balance of personal style and purposeful organization. Luckily, you don’t need abundant closet space to master the art of beautiful, efficient storage! Just think ahead on your goals, add a little creativity, and you can easily hack your way to the ultimate uncluttered space.

Our talented Real Advantage Partners team, is here to help you with ideas, if you are organizing & decluttering for the purpose of selling your home. Additionally, we have agents who LOVE to stage homes! Kiss

~Enjoy your Sunday!

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