Expectations vs. Reality

Want to know the key to a positive home selling experience? Getting your expectations in line right from the get-go. ?
If you’re thinking of selling early in 2022, here are a couple of sky-high seller expectations that may need a gentle dose of real estate reality.?

Expectation: "We have an amazing home (clearly the BEST in the neighborhood). We know buyers will be tripping over one another and making offers the second it hits the market." 

Reality: Of course you love your home -- we get that. And you can be sure we will work night and day to effectively market it and get you top dollar. But when you transition from proud homeowner to smart seller, it's crucial to price your home in line with the realities of the current market. The good news the market is very healthy: Des Moines metro area home sales increased 3.2% compared to March of 2021 and prices jumped 13.2% as homes continue to sell very quickly. 

Expectation: "We're selling for WAY more than we paid for our home. We are going to walk away with a fortune." 

Reality: OK, so as you just read there is no doubt it's a sellers' market and chances are you'll make a profit on your home -- possibly a very substantial profit. But don't get ahead of yourself because there are also costs to selling. You will need to budget for repairs, staging, curb appeal, storage, and realtor commissions. Remember that it's these relatively minor investments that will maximize your odds for getting the price you want.

Want to talk more about the realities of selling in 2022? Let’s connect!

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