Don't Play Games with Pricing Your Home

When you decide to sell your house, your first priority will be getting the highest possible price. So why not set a high price just to see what happens? Bad idea. All buyers are price-sensitive and no one wants to play games when it comes to the biggest purchase of their lives. Sure, a buyer put off by an obviously high price might come back. But maybe not. Meanwhile, your house is lingering on the market, which will turn off other buyers and frustrate you as the seller. Many sellers ask about the price that Zillow or other real estate websites give for their home. These are not reliable because they are only taking into consideration very general demographics.

A real estate professional will not guess or experiment with pricing – it’s just too important. Our job is to do the research to determine the perfect listing price that sells your home for the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time.Our team has the tools and experience to determine the best price and completely market your home. Reach out – we’ll tell you exactly how we’ll do it.

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