DIY Moving vs. Hiring Professionals: Pros and Cons

Like most significant life events, moving to a new home is both exciting and stressful. The big question is — should you do it yourself? Should you hire professional movers? Which is the best course, and what should you even consider before making this decision?

DIY Move

More affordable: usually, DIY move is cheaper, even though not entirely without expenses. For example, you may still need to hire a truck if you have to move a lot of belongings that cannot fit in your own vehicle.
Full control: independent moving gives owners full control over their schedules and packing process. Besides, you can always make last-minute adjustments when necessary.
More intimate: not everyone enjoys strange people around their personal things, and DIY move is the only way to ensure your packing and unpacking happens at your own pace. It is also a more engaged process that allows you to savor every moment of the event.

Physical strain: even moving boxes of clothes can be physically demanding, to say nothing of the furniture (that sometimes needs to be navigated through narrow spaces or disassembled to fit into a staircase). DIY move requires a lot of literal heavy lifting, with loading and unloading often way heavier than it seems.
Time-consuming: packing can take astonishing amounts of time, especially when you have little experience. Besides, when you do not have a fixed deadline (for example, the date and time when a moving company should arrive), there is always a risk of delaying and ending up packing some things at the last minute. And understanding all of the psychological reasons behind delaying things is of little help in speeding up the packing.
Damage risk: unless you regularly move from one place to another, you may be unaware of the best ways to pack belongings to prevent their loss or damage. The same goes for any furniture items that may need reassembling.
Hidden costs: even DIY moving is not entirely free. First, you may need to hire a truck or another vehicle to transport your belongings — and rates may differ from one company to another. Sometimes, you will also need to cover the mileage or gas expenses. But even without hired trucks, you may face other unexpected expenses — from the cost of packaging to insuring the transported items.

Professional Movers
Less hustle: professional movers are more efficient; they have all the necessary equipment and experience to handle things that are often overwhelming for individual movers. They will have no difficulty packing and unpacking ‘challenging’ items that are either too bulky or fragile.
Time-saving: with professional movers, you will only need to pack a few personal belongings and leave the rest to the professionals. Packing all of the household items takes enormous amounts of time, which is not always an option in our busy lifestyles.
Insurance and safety: most reputable providers, like Bellhop or other companies that have been in the business for a while, keep working to maintain their reputation. This minimizes the risk of property damage, and even if something goes wrong (no one is 100% safe from an accident), you can always count on compensation. That may be a small consolation with some of the dearest things, but it’s better than nothing.
Multiple options to choose from: usually, there is more than one company operating in an area, so you will have a chance to study the competition anytime you hire a moving company and pick a provider that fully meets your demands.
Higher cost: hiring a professional company is always more expensive than getting a truck and loading it all on your own. The costs can vary greatly from one company to another, so you should always compare different providers and study their rates and conditions. That may also take more time than you expect.
Less control over schedule and logistics: in some cases, this could also be a plus, but most people feel pressured when everything happens according to someone else’s rules. The upside is that you will also have less stress figuring out the logistics and schedule by yourself, but you will not be able to avoid all the stress.
Trust issues: as already mentioned, most people are uncomfortable with strangers handling their things. You can alleviate this by packing the most personal belongings yourself and sealing the boxes. But you will still have to welcome the movers into your new home.

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