Design Tips: Exposed Brick Ideas

Current obsession: Exposed brick. Seriously. We may have a problem. We are crazy about the character, the texture, the nod to the’s just so darn warm and cozy. 

Got a wall that could use a little pizazz? Give brick a try! It’s not as scary as it sounds, promise!  

1. First, check that there’s actually brick in your wall by drilling a pilot hole. Then to ensure the bricks are of good enough quality, uncover a test site. If you’re happy with how the test area looks, keep going, BUT be prepared for some serious dust.
2. Restoring a brick wall is messy, so you’ll need to cover floors and furniture with tough plastic sheeting, and grab gloves, goggles, and a mask. 
3. Start at the test area and work one-foot square at a time. Pry the plaster off with a putty knife. It *should* come off in chunks.
4. Once you’ve exposed the wall, sponge it down to remove as much dust as possible. Seal or paint.

No brick? No worries. You can easily cheat the look without all the dust with wallpaper, a mural, or a brick veneer.

What do you think? Brick wall - yay or neigh? Let us know !

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