8 To-Do's When Preparing to List Your Home

Did you know the month of May has the rep for being the best time of year to sell? A 10-year analysis of home sales shows sellers see a 12.6% boost above home market value during May.

So, sure. Look toward May. But here’s the thing. It takes more than the right month to get top dollar. It takes careful planning and preparation — and that does not happen overnight. 

So…if you’re thinking of selling this spring — March, April, or May — here are 8 things you should knock out NOW that will make it all worthwhile come spring. 

8 To-Do’s to Prep Your Home to Sell this Spring

1) Declutter, donate, and organize your closets, drawers, and attics.
2) Clean out the garage and consider painting the walls and floor.
3) Identify major repairs and make a plan to fix them one by one.
4) Ensure that major appliances are in working condition. 
5) Focus painting efforts - think entryway, foyer, kitchen, and bathrooms.
6) Replace your house numbers and mailbox to make it easy for sellers to find your home.
7) Clear out winter debris little by little.
8) Reach out to your agent (me!) If you're out of the area, I can refer you to a great agent.

Selling your home in 2023? Let’s partner together to maximize your profits. Reach out and let's make a plan!

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