7 Spots You're Likely to Bump Into a Our Team in the Metro

Have you ever noticed that you seem to run into real estate agents just about everywhere in the Des Moines metro? Here's a roundup of the top  places where you're likely to cross paths with one of us in our natural habitats...

→ Coffee Shops: Coffee and contracts go hand-in-hand for us! Be it grabbing a quick espresso shot or conducting client meetings, we're a common sight in local coffee joints.
→ Gyms: You may catch your local agent taking their stress out on a treadmill or lifting weights.
→ Gas Stations: With all the driving around we do, gas stations are like our pit stops. You'll often see us there, fueling up our cars and ourselves (with some handy snacks, of course).
→ Home Improvement Stores: You'll find us frequenting places like Home Depot or Lowe's, picking up everything from staging supplies to renovation ideas.
→ Parking Lots: Our cars double up as our mobile offices. Whether it's pulling quick Comparative Market Analyses or scheduling showings for clients, parking lots often turn into our temporary workspace.
→ Home Goods Stores: Scouting for that perfect closing gift for our clients takes us to your favorite Home Goods store, hunting through the aisles.
→ Community Events: We love to support our communities, so whether it's a farmers' market, trunk-and-treats, Easter egg hunt, parade, sports event or community festival - we'll be there as a spectator or participant.

We love to say #WeAreEveryWhere - because it's true! If you spot one of our team, don't hesitate to say "Hi" and ask any real estate questions you may have. One thing for sure: We are not shy!

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