6 Income Streams For Homeowners

ATTN: HOMEOWNERS: Think you need a big budget, a fancy office, or lots of hustle to make money with your home?

You don’t! Check out these six income streams exclusively for homeowners:

→ Rent your home for productions. Check out websites like PeerSpace or Home Studio List to rent out your space for photo or video productions.
→ Consider a roommate. If you’re single or your significant other is on board, put the call out for a roommate. You can cover as much as 30% of your housing costs each month.
→ Renovate a space to rent. If you have the space and live in an area that allows it, finish that room over your garage or create a basement apartment to rent.
→ Store other people’s stuff. A storage unit runs over $100 per month. Use your extra space to help others save while making a little extra cash. 
→ Lease your driveway or parking spot. If parking is prime in your neighborhood, rent a spot to neighbors who have more than one set of wheels.
→ Start a pet-sitting business. Use your spacious backyard and love of four-legged friends to make some extra cash. Plus, you can choose your own schedule.

Do you have a side hustle out of your home? Share where you’ve found success.

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