4 Ways Homeowners Can Use Their Equity

Ways Homeowners Can Use Their Equity

1. If you're finding you need more space, it might be time to move into a bigger home. Or, you might have too much space and need to downsize. No matter the situation, consider using your equity to power a move into a home that fits your changing lifestyle. 

2. If the size of your home isn't the problem but your current location is, it could be time to relocate to a new area. Or perhaps the distance between you and your loved ones is longer than you'd like, and you want to live closer. No matter what, your home equity can help your move to the location where you really want to live.

3.If you're not quite ready to move, you can use your equity to invest in a new business. As the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy says:

There is an estimate of 31.7 million small business owners in the United States, many of them started their business with the equity they had in their home.

While it's not recommended that homeowners use their equity for unnecessary spending, leveraging your equity to start a business could potentially grow into something good. 

4. Whether you have a child that is soon to head off to college or you're planning to go back to school yourself, the thought of paying for schooling can be scary. In either situation, using a portion of your growing equity can help with those costs, so you can make an investment in someone's future.

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