4 Things to Focus on When Home Shopping

Little PSA that when buying a home, there are things you need to pay attention to and things you need to ignore. When you know which is which, you’ll end up with a home you love and no regrets or surprises.
Today, we are breaking it down for you. And don’t worry—if we work together (and we are ready whenever you are!), we'll be there to remind you every step of the way. 

Pay attention to:

- Location, neighborhood, and distance from your work, schools, etc.
- Your budget + cost of improvements
- Your non-negotiables list
- Condition of major systems like HVAC and roof (Average roof replacement cost for a 2,000 sq. ft. home is $7,211 in 2022)

Ignore things like:

- Seller’s style and decor
- Clutter and disorganization
- Poor landscaping or junky yard
- Rooms used for odd purposes 

If you're thinking of buying, save this post for later, or tag a friend who’s beginning the buying process! Questions? Send us a DM!

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