3 Steps to Downsizing

Whether you are moving to a smaller space or just trying to de-clutter, down-sizing can be overwhelming. Downsizing can force you to get rid of items that may be overdue on the 'get rid of' list, but it's the perfect opportunity to remind yourself what you value the most. If you can sort out the clutter, you can fill spaces with the things you really love, making it feel more "home" like.

Sharing 3 main steps to downsizing without sacrificing meaningful items!

1. Create A Plan

If you’re moving somewhere new, measure the size of your new rooms and storage areas. This will act as your guide for how much you can take with you. As you begin to decide what to keep and what to get rid of, do only one room at a time. Moving is a big job and can be time consuming, and is much less overwhelming if not done all at once. Plan to do a room a day, and leave some extra time. Start with the furniture - this will give you a better idea how much space you have left to fill. You don’t want to have to reshuffle everything if you can’t take that bookshelf with you!

2. Sort What You Own

Ask yourself - will you use it? If you haven’t used the item in a year and you always say “someday” when asking when the next time you will use or wear the item, it is time to put it in the donate/toss pile. Get rid of multiples. If you have multiple coffee pots, or several sets of china that you can only use one at a time, you don’t need to keep both. As you sort, follow a strict yes/no policy —no “maybes” allowed. Create a keep and toss pile, and force yourself to choose. Not completely sure? Throw it in the no pile Laughing

Then you need to decide what to do with your “no” pile. You may not want or need these items anymore, but they may be useful to someone else. Special items can be passed on to family members, while furniture, clothing and other items in good condition can be sold or donated. Anything damaged or worn beyond repair should be recycled if possible or even thrown away.

3. Preserve Your Memories

Gathering memories into one place will make them easier to enjoy! Downsizing is an emotional process. You will discover items you haven’t seen in years, and you will have to decide what to do with them. Give yourself some time to reminisce, and then make a decision. Keep in mind your space limitations. Take with you what is truly valuable — only you can decide what you can’t do without.

 Happy Downsizing!

~your Real Advantage Partners team

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