15 Ways to Show Love to Your Home

It's Valentine's Day - a day to express your love. So why not send some to the place you call home? It doesn't have to cost a lot, plus you'll be investing in yourself. Jump below for 15 ways to love your home (so it loves you back):

1. Choose 10 things. And donate them, throw them away or repurpose them. It’s easy for stuff to pile up but if you grab a bag and walk through the house it’s almost guranteed that you’ll be able to find 10 things that you either don’t love, don’t use, or is broken (and not worth fixing). Get these things out.

2. Rearrange. You choose big or small. Rearrange the living room or rearrange the bottles you have out on the counter in the bathroom. When we rearrange our homes they look new and fresh.

3. Rotate. Rotates your accessories so that you can easily change the palette of each room. Store the accessories you're not using and refresh your home without buying anything.

4. Add some yellow. Yellow is bright, fun and full of cheer. It’s modern and there are a lot of ways to incporporate it into your home.

5. Add a plant or flowers. Fresh flowers might be too expensive an indulgence to do all the time, but a nice little mint plant growing in the kitchen or some beautiful succulents out on the porch can breath some life into your abode. Research some foolproof house plants.

6. Clean. Choose a room and really clean it: mop the floors, dust the shelves, the doorjambs and everyhing in between. See how different you feel afterwards.

7. Light it up. Do you have three points of light in the living room or just a torch lamp in the corner. Rooms feel bigger, more grown up and have better ambience if you use at least 3 light sources in a room.

8. Eat meals at home. We’ve talked about it often, but eating meals at home instantly makes home feel like a place you want to be (in fact, sometimes for us it’s just knowing the fridge is full of food).

9. Privacy. Do your curtains give you privacy at night? Could they do a better job? You want to feel comfortable at home and having privacy is a big part of that.

10. Zone your space. Now is a good time to reevaluate how you’re using your space. Do you often have people over to watch movies and yet your desk takes up half the living room? Or the opposite: do you rarely have people over and you work from home and your desk is shoved into a tight little corner? Make sure your home is supporting the activities you do inside of it.

11. Good Rest. Is it time to change the sheets or clean off the nightstands? The bedroom is uber important for helping us get good rest so we feel good in our lives. Do you have ratty old sheets or just a color you can’t stand? Start saving up for some sheets that are amazing. If we ever get our gumption up, we’re buying linen sheets.

12. Frequent a local thrift store. You never know what you’ll find and when you find something you love, it’s normally pretty affordable. We stop at the Salvation Army once a week and look for paintings, pottery, lamps and small accessories. We’ve started to build a collection and when we make a mistake, we just donate it right back.

13. Add Art. If you’ve been afraid to hang art, now’s the time. A space becomes a home when there is stuff on the walls. We love pairing family photos with vintage postcards and funny paintings. You can also rearrange your artwork to create a new feeling in the house.

14. Get a good book. Let yourself read in bed (in your cleaned out bedroom). This helps slow down your day and let’s you drift off into sleep. Quality of life skyrockets.

15. Indulge. Is there a bathsoap you really like? Flowers you really like? Love having fresh rasberries in the fridge? Choose something you love having around and, if you can afford it, splurge. If you can’t afford it, find something you can afford to splurge on and get it.

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